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Passengers with reduced mobility

Acceptance on board of persons with disabilities depends on the following factors:

  • Possibility of the handling agent to provide such type of services (the necessary equipment, properly trained personnel)
  • Limitations. (i.e. maximum PRMs on the board of the aircraft, depending on its type, acceptance on the board of the aircraft of certain categories of PRM)

Passengers with reduced mobility

To ensure a comfortable flight of the persons with disabilities should be taken into account a number of factors such as the health of the person, the requested equipment, involved air carriers, maximum limits per types of aircraft. In this respect, any special service for people with disabilities must be requested 72 hours before the flight to allow the air carrier to arrange and finish the arrangements. Usually, these requests are declared to the agent at the time of booking the ticket when introducing the necessary information in the passenger's reservation.

For people who suffer from certain diseases and are considered medical cases, Air Moldova shall request the medical information about the health condition of the passenger.

In order to be accepted on the flight, the passenger must present a medical certificate which confirms the ability to board a plane without any risks.

Please let us know the extent to which your mobility is reduced. The certificate must be issued no earlier than 72 hours before the flight.

There are three internationally recognized wheelchair categories to help you classify your degree of disability:

  • WCHR – Wheelchair Ramp: The passenger requests the wheelchair only to cover longer distances; is able to climb stairs independently.
  • WCHS – Wheelchair Steps: The passenger is not able to climb the stairs but can cover short distances on foot.
  • WCHC – Wheelchair Cabin seat: The passenger requests the wheelchair all the time, is not able to move around the cabin without being helped by another person – it is needed the wheelchair all the time.

If you are traveling with your own wheelchair, please notify us of its size and weight and any special features (e.g. folding/non-folding, sport/electric wheelchair, etc.).

The battery-driven wheelchairs are accepted for transportation only if respected special conditions. Non spill-able batteries (gel and dry batteries) can remain in the wheelchair, must be secured and disconnected and the poles must be isolated before boarding the aircraft. It is not allowed transportation of wheelchairs with wet or lithium batteries.

Transportation the equipment (1) for persons with reduced mobility (wheelchair, crutches, other mobility aids) is free of charge on Air Moldova flights. These are transported only in the hold.


Passengers with impaired sensory perception

Please notify us of your disability at time of booking so that we can make all necessary arrangements. Passengers with impaired sensory perception (blind or deaf) do not need a doctor's certificate. Please note, that passengers with multiple sensory deficiency (deaf and blind) will need to be accompanied during the flight by an escort.

Persons with reduced mobility or impaired sensory perception may choose their seat on the board of the aircraft but due to safety concerns this choice might be restricted to defined rows or seats (e.g. emergency exits).

Passengers with impaired sensory perception may travel accompanied by a guide dog. The transportation of guide dogs are accepted on board free of charge. Passengers travelling accompanied by guide dogs shall notify us about it at least 72 h before the flight.

Conditions to accept guide dogs on board:

  • the weight and size of the animal may be restricted due to safety related limits
  • the passenger shall provide a certificate that proves the status of "guide dog"
  • the animal is not allowed to move around the aircraft;
  • the animal is not permitted to occupy a seat;
  • the animal shall be muzzled and have a lead;
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