November 25 / 2022

Position of Air Moldova airline following the statements of the Civil Aviation Authority about the "unannounced inspection carried out" and its dubious results.

The CAA's request to halt the sale of tickets for the 2023 summer season is unfounded and illegitimate. 

The information that Air Moldova is selling tickets for the 2023 summer Schedule without a permit and without an approved Schedule is distorted, with the aim of denigrating the company's image and disrupting commercial activity.

On numerous occasions the Civil Aviation Authority has publicly stated that it does not interfere with the commercial activity of airlines in the case of other operators, but yesterday it operated with double standards.

CAA regularly organises checks, inspections, unannounced, urgent and immediate requests exclusively for Air Moldova, with the aim of distracting operational staff from current activity, hindering commercial activity, demoralising staff, manipulating public opinion with news headlines and defaming the image of Air Moldova.

Air Moldova submitted to CAA the requested application, by which it contested all the non-conformities indicated in the “Audit Report”, or the manifestly fabricated "Inspection Prescription" which includes in itself erroneous, unjustified and abusive information.

Air Moldova does not exclude the probability of compromise of CAA RM inspectors of various levels by other entities and their illegal/corrupt actions on Air Moldova. Sources within the CAA told us that during the "audit" conducted by the CAA some of the inspectors refused to participate and follow the instructions of the administration on the activity of Air Moldova, being forced to resign, other inspectors applied for voluntary resignation refusing to participate in the search for dubious and unfounded violations. 

So far, CAA has not made a practice of publishing such "reports" in the media until an official position is obtained from the operator. At the same time, it is important to note that CAA often intentionally delays requests and applications submitted to it by Air Moldova.

Favouring other airlines is a subject that should attract the attention of the general public, given that the wife of the current Acting Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Authority is employed by another airline in the Republic of Moldova.

This airline was founded and managed by two former directors of the former State Enterprise "Air Moldova" airline, with criminal records active to date, accused of abuse of power in the process of managing the assets and financial resources of the enterprise. Both the Moldovan justice and state bodies such as the CAA are desperately looking for thieves and criminals in the company, but they left Air Moldova as early as 2019. In the years leading up to privatisation, Air Moldova was managed to its detriment, generating losses and accumulating debts, by those who now manage competing companies and consult the Minister of Justice on Air Moldova hoping that in return they will be acquitted in the criminal cases they currently have.

The abuse on the part of the CAA is nothing more than active involvement in the destruction of Air Moldova in favour of other more "friendly" local air operators.

The friendship of these operators with the current management was visibly proven by the conversations of officials appearing in the media, which repeatedly confirmed that all this time, the justice and politics of the country were and are concerned with identifying solutions, ways and scenarios that would bring Air Moldova to bankruptcy. Air Moldova is regularly subjected to unjust, illegitimate and unacceptable acts of subjugation. 

Since 2018 to the present, Air Moldova has been working conscientiously, transparently, paying considerable taxes to the state, developing its network of destinations, promoting the image of the country and Civil Aviation internationally in accordance with all world standards.

At the same time, Air Moldova continues to pay the debts accumulated until privatisation, not understanding the unjustified pressure to which it continues to be regularly subjected.  

Only in the first 10 months of this year, Air Moldova has paid more than 50 million lei in taxes to the state budget. Do other airline operators pay higher taxes than Air Moldova?

Currently, through its actions, the Civil Aviation Authority is doing nothing but joining political games and attacks on Air Moldova aimed at sabotaging the operational and economic activity of the company, generating irrecoverable losses for AIR MOLDOVA as well as a strong social impact.

What is actually happening? The country's politicians are using all levers, including collaboration with competitors who have criminal cases pending in the courts, state bodies, the banking sector, to bankrupt Air Moldova and take control of a company, we reiterate - a private company!

Dear passengers, AIR MOLDOVA has the right to sell tickets for the 2023 summer timetable, according to international procedures and regulations, the permit to operate the declared flights is obtained in due time, which is already in an advanced process of accomplishment.

Air Moldova is not about politics! Air Moldova is about Aviation, being the foundation of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Moldova. Air Moldova has grown and developed most of the specialists in the aviation system in our country, and the „State Company AIR MOLDOVA” has been the illegal „pocket” from which all private airlines in the Republic of Moldova have been sponsored.

Air Moldova condemns with concern the influence of politics in business activity in the Republic of Moldova.

Air Moldova will not tolerate attempts to abuse and attacks on it, for which it will take the denigrating statements of the Civil Aviation Authority to court.

The Air Moldova airline will notify the General Prosecutor's Office about all the illegalities committed in the Civil Aviation of the Republic of Moldova.