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Hand baggage

Any baggage you take with you in the passenger cabin is considered hand baggage and is deposited under your seat or the seat in front of you, or in the baggage compartment above your seat.

Every passenger is entitled to carry with just one piece of hand baggage. The maximum weight of the hand baggage is up to 8 kg and its dimensions can’t exceed the maximum size of 115 cm (50 x 40 x 25 cm). These dimensions include the wheels, the handle, the lateral pockets etc.

For passengers comfortableness, safety and coziness on the board of the aircraft, the hand baggage that exceeds the above mentioned rules, shall be registered as checked baggage.

Besides the hand baggage the passengers are allowed to carry some of the following items on board, if there’s the case:

All the passengers except infants up to 2 years:

  • 1 overcoat, wrap or blanket;
  • 1 umbrella or walking stick;
  • 1 handbag for women/men;
  • 1 video camera /camera or binoculars;
  • reasonable amount of reading material

Infants up to 2 years:

  • Infant's food for consumption on board
  • Baby basket
  • Folding pushchair (registered as checked)

Passengers with reduced mobility

  • 1 wheelchair /1 pair of crutches or any other devices that the passenger needs.
  • Note: Small musical instruments shall be accepted as free hand baggage items (ex: violin, trumpet, etc.).

We recommend you to take with you on board all the documents and valuables:

  • the passport or any other travel document,
  • securities,
  • business documents,
  • electronic equipment,
  • money,
  • credit cards,
  • jewelry,
  • medicines,
  • etc.

Hand baggage

Items that are not allowed to carry with neither in the hand baggage nor with you

Pistols, firearms and other devices that discharge projectiles - devices that can be used or seem to be used to cause serious injury by discharging the projectile, including:

  • all types of firearms such as pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns;
  • toy guns, replicas and imitation of firearms that could be mistaken for real guns;
  • component parts of firearms, excluding telescopic sights;
  • air and CO2 compressed guns, such as pistols, pellet rifles, rifles and ball bearing guns;
  • guns and rocket launchers signal pistols;
  • bows, crossbows and arrows;
  • harpoons and harpoon launchers;
  • slings and catapults;

Paralyzing effect devices - devices designed specifically to stun or immobilize, including:

  • electric shock devices such as electric guns, paralyzing guns (taser) and electroshock batons;
  • stunning devices and devices for animals killing;
  • chemicals, gases and incapacitating sprays like tear - irritant sprays, pepper sprays, capsicum sprays, tear gas, acid sprays and animal repellent sprays ;

Sharp pointed or sharp edged objects - objects with a sharp point or sharp edge can be used to cause serious injury, including:

  • items designed for chopping, such as axes, hatchets and cleavers;
  • axes and ice picks;
  • razors;
  • cutters;
  • knives with blades of more than 6 cm;
  • scissors with blades of more than 6 cm, measured from the axis;
  • martial arts equipment with a sharp point or sharp edge;
  • swords and sabers;

Tools - tools that can be used either to cause serious injury or to endanger the safety of aircraft, including:

  • crowbars, drills and drill bits, including portable cordless electric drills;
  • tools with a blade or rod with longer than 6 cm, which can be used as a weapon, such as screwdrivers and chisels;
  • saws, including cordless portable power saws;
  • blowtorches;
  • bolt guns and staplers.

Explosives and incendiary substances and devices - explosives and incendiary substances and devices that may be used or seem to be used to cause serious harm or which may endanger the aircraft safety, including:

  • ammunition;
  • blasting caps;
  • detonators and fuses;
  • replica or imitation explosive devices;
  • mines, grenades and other explosive military devices;
  • fireworks and other pyrotechnics;
  • smoke bombs and cartridges;
  • dynamite, gunpowder and explosives.