April 28 / 2023

Following the ongoing requests from mass media representatives, with reference to President Maia Sandu's statements, Air Moldova Airline declares :

Air Moldova supports the stated position, about the mismanagement of the former state enterprise, air company Air Moldova, until 2018.

We have repeatedly announced about the mismanagement by the former director of the Air Moldova state company, who still has criminal records in court.

In this sense, we stand in solidarity with the President and request the Prosecutor's Office to inform us at what stage the records of the former director of Air Moldova are.

It is important to mention that Air Moldova has provided the authorities with all the necessary documents to ensure a fair trial.

Part of the current debts historically comes from the times when the company was state-owned which Air Moldova has paid from 2018 until now; another part of the debts are caused by the Pandemic, War and the loss of key destinations.

Air Moldova is willing to pay its debts to providers and honor its obligations in front of passengers, BUT the financial problems the company is facing today are caused by the actions of the commercial bank MAIB.

The bank, by including abusive clauses into the contract, forces Air Moldova to beg its own money, to pay for the operation of the flights, and every time it receives a refuse, the company is forced to cancel the flights.

Unfortunately, the bank's actions are nothing more than created on purpose, financial constraints.

However, the company continues to pay its debts on a daily basis and is taking steps to manage the situation and not to allow the National operator to go bankrupt.

Currently, 150 million MDL are blocked in Air Moldova's accounts at the MAIB bank, money that would allow the company to pay service providers in order not to cancel flights on a daily basis, money that would allow the replenishment of its own fleet and money that would ensure the company's activity.

The facts speak for themselves, and the bank's actions seem to push the company into bankruptcy.