Gift e-Voucher

Air Moldova airline offers now personalized variants to give a gift to the dear person. Gift e-Voucher can be a perfect surprise for any occasion, by which you give the dear ones the freedom to choose themselves the destination for a wonderful trip with Air Moldova. If you want to enrich the lives of your friends and your family members, there is no better gift than an Air Moldova Gift e-Voucher. Being available in the amount of up to 1000 Euro, vouchers can be used for all flights operated by Air Moldova.

How does it work?

Gift e-Voucher is a shopping experience offered by you. Each voucher is given a separate code along with the beneficiary name that will identify this gift-certificate when using it. Here below the terms and conditions of use, the voucher amount, date of issue and its validity period are indicated as well.

Buy Gift e-Voucher

Payment will be made on the website by simple successive steps:

  1. It will be chosen the preferred image, it will be introduced the congratulation text, passenger’s and purchaser’ personal data.
  2. The Voucher preview option is visualized.
  3. After accepting the "Terms and Conditions" follows the payment.
  4. After the payment was made, Voucher with the code in PDF format will be sent to the indicated e-mail address. When actually is used, the passenger will enter the code in the space for e-Voucher and will get discount for the ticket according to the amount of e-Voucher.