Family flights with Air Moldova are cheaper up to 50%

With the new special offer from Air Moldova it becomes more profitable to plan a family trip. Choose one of our company’s destinations and fly up to 50% cheaper.

The promotion is valid for all flights operated directly by Air Moldova, starting from the established tariff. Within the limit of the offer are available both classes of service –Economy and Business.

Families can benefit from the tariff discount only when purchasing tickets from Air Moldova’s local sales offices and from abroad, as well as from the authorized sales ticket agencies for Air Moldova flights.

The existing regulations provide discounts only for family members with first-degree relatives. Passengers are required to provide the necessary documents proving their relationship: for adults - marriage certificate and for children over 12 years- the birth certificate.

The tariff policy of Air Moldova establishes other discounts for children. On all air company’s flights, a discount of 90% from the tariff, for children under 2 years, 25% for children aged between 2 and 12 years, and a 5% discount for young people from 12 to 24 years.

There are no discounts for “ECONOMY BASIC” tariff group and for special tariffs from Russia / Ukraine / Romania to Europe.