Accumulation of Credit Miles

After the passenger becomes a member of the program, he/she shall collect Credit Miles every time when checks in on Air Moldova flights.

To get the automatic mileage credit, the Member shall indicate his/her account number whenever he/she books a flight and shows his/her card when checks-in for the flight.

Accumulation of Credit Miles

The amount of Credit Miles he/she collects depends on the flown distance and class of service.

Active members are able to check their accounts on-line addressing to the following option.

The total Credit Miles shall show you when you become eligible for the next level, Prestige or Exclusive.

You can find out all the information regarding the Air Moldova Club, special offers and other useful information on our web page, under NEWS.

We recommend that you keep all your boarding passes and passenger tickets until you have received your statement of account.

No miles are credited if the ticket was issued:

  • for a charter flight
  • at a group discount
  • at promotional and special tariffs with discount ( ID, IP, AD, GE, UD, DG , etc. )
  • for free flights or awarded services which the member receives according to the bonus program (FFP)
  • issuance of tickets on the stock of the partner companies on Code-Share routes, operated by Air Moldova

If by error the Credit Miles flown have not been recorded or have been incorrectly recorded in his/her account, the member shall send to the Air Moldova Club Service Centre the following documents in original:

  • the boarding pass
  • the passenger ticket

The bonuses offered as a reward within Air Moldova Club program, may be canceled, withdrawn, suspended or/and blocked at company’s decision without any preliminary notice, because of inappropriate behavior and violation of rules of behavior on the board of the aircraft of the member.

The member of Air Moldova Club program does know and accept the terms and conditions of Air Moldova Club program.

In order to obtain any additional information, please call the Service Center of Air Moldova Club at: + 373 22 576530.