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Corporate level

Air Moldova Club

Dear passengers, due to transition to the new booking system, the Air Moldova Club program is temporarily unavailable.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

In order to become a Corporate member, the management of the company has to present to the Air Moldova Club Service Centre a letter with the list (up to 30 persons) of staff members authorized to fly on behalf of the company as well as the application forms filled in by the above mentioned members. The name and surname shall be inserted in the application in Latin characters, according to the passport.

Corporate level

When a company becomes a Member of Air Moldova Club, a Corporate account will be opened and each employee who is flying on behalf of the company will be given an Air Moldova Club Card, where will be mentioned his/her name and surname and the account number. Credit Miles accumulated by Corporation employees will be collected and credited on the corporate account.

The Management of the company shall be responsible for appointing a person accountable for the correct use of the accumulated Credit Miles.

The company shall inform the Air Moldova Club Service Centre about all changes, in case of any amendments to the list of staff that are flying on behalf of the company.