All ages Digital Detox - lauched!

June 19 / 2018

Albert Einstein said, “The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”

We do know this location! The Library is on Air Moldova’s aircrafts board!

After successfully lauching “Kids Digital Detox” project, on the first of June, 2018, you can find on same aircraft’s shelves- books for all ages. Imagine yourself how enjoyable the two hours of flight will be, when feeding your soul with interesting readings, or your little one’s with a cute fairytale.

With unprecedented joy, we present you the list of books, which can be found by each and every one on Air Moldova’s aircraft’s board, starting from today.

Special Thanks to our Project partner - “Librarius” network- which has been forthcoming with us, by offering a wide range of book’s titles, suggested firstly by our loyal passengers. We have in listed books in 3 languages: Romanian, Russian and English, in order to offer each passenger the opportunity to detach him/herself from phones and gadgets and spend it’s time into the clouds- beautifully.

We all know the bright side of the digital consumption and it’s temptations, but we must be aware, as well, about the consequences of it’s irrational use. So, make a break, try “digital detox”, it’s outcome will totally surprise you!