A journey into the world of books

May 31 / 2018

The air Company "Air Moldova" is delighted to invite you to a Journey into the World of Books by joining our interesting, catchy and appealing project – „Digital Detox”.

Yes, you got that right! We want to give you the chance to „detox” yourself from the excessive use of gadgets with or without internet connection, as it became a sad fact that our "cell-phones, laptops, internet" Addiction makes our minds vulnerable and our bodies weak, endangering the healthy lifestyle.

By launching this project we aim to convince our passengers to drop out their phones, i-pads, electronic books and all other technical means of communication, while on board, and to re-descover the pleasure of holding, browsing and reading a cute traditional paper book... In order to achieve the aforementioned purpose, we have created Air Moldova’s onboard Library, which chases to morally satisfy all the passengers with good readings during the flight and of course to "magically" shorten the time spent between the clouds.

Our little and tiny ones, as being a major priority for "Air Moldova", have inspired us, as from the 1st of June- International Children’s Day, to launch "Kids Digital Detox". In this way, Air Moldova’s onboard Library will "colour up" for the little humans- the fascinating world of literature, without i-pads, i-phones and electronic toys... but a world of words, a fairy world where children can identify themselves with their favorite heroes – princes, princesses, Fairies, Super Men and/or Spider Men.

Along with our partner- The "Librarius" Library, we have highlighted and selected "to give wings" to the most interesting and chased books for children. We could make our plan work, thanks to the parents and their suggestions given through the opinion poll organized on social networks. All suggested titles have been inlisted into a Menu of paper books kept by the flight attendant and available on each passengers demand. This menu will help passengers to choose their favorite book and once this is done: Voilà! Free out and let your childs imagination fly high!

Reading is important for each and every human, it creates the favorable "climate conditions" for growing up strong and high quality personalities, this is why in a world of technologies addiction and constant robotisation, we hint you to join our cause. Let's fly together and train our minds with good readings, because first of all it is: "Mens sana in corpore sano!".

Dear Children of the world, Happy 1st of June! Enjoy your childhood, it is an outstanding destination, full of light and harmony; enjoy the marvels of this world, they are not few, if you open your eyes widely.

Happy Children’s Day!
Have yourself fairy, interesting readings and only nice flights!