New rules for entering Israel!

January 22 / 2021

Dear passengers,
We would like to inform you about the new rules for entering Israel, which will come into force on January 23, 2021:

1. All passengers, regardless of age, who have been outside Israel during the last 72 hours, must present one of the following documents before boarding to the Chisinau-Tel Aviv flight:

a. negative PCR test result for COVID-19 that was issued not more than 72 hours before the estimated boarding time to the flight Chisinau-Tel Aviv. The result should contain the following items:

  • PCR test method used: PCR / RT-PCR / Q-PCR
  • Passenger personal details: surname / name; identification number or passport number
  • Date of issuance of the PCR test

Passengers transiting through Ben Gurion Airport must present a negative PCR test for COVID-19 issued not more than 72 hours before the estimated boarding time for the Chisinau-Tel Aviv flight, while the connecting time in Tel Aviv should not exceed 24 hours.

b. a valid vaccination certificate issued by Israel or a confirmation of recovery from confirmed cases of the disease issued by Israel:

  • The format of confirmation of recovery from confirmed cases of the disease will be published on the official website of the Israeli Ministry of Health in the coming days.
  • a vaccination certificate issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health, with the second vaccination must be carried out no earlier than 7 days before departure.
  • special permission from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. Passengers who cannot present one of the documents mentioned in section 1 above will not be allowed to fly.

3. When passengers complete an electronic health declaration, they must indicate that they have one of the documents mentioned in section 1.

The new rules are in addition to the existing rules in which:

a. All passengers flying to Israel must complete the Clearance Application no earlier than 24 hours before departure.

b. All passengers entering Israel who have stayed in South Africa, Zambia, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil during the period of 14 days prior to entry must undergo a mandatory 14-day isolation period in a State-sponsored quarantine facility.

c. All passengers arriving in Israel from countries not listed in section b above (Israeli citizens and residents, as well as foreign nationals) must undergo mandatory quarantine at home or elsewhere in accordance with section 20 of the Public Health Order, 1940 ( instead of in a State-sponsored quarantine facility) subject to the following conditions:

  • The passenger must pass the PCR test for COVID-19:
    - at the airport immediately after arriving in Israel
    - in the State-sponsored quarantine facility, if the passenger started quarantining there upon arrival in Israel and wants to change the place of quarantine
  • Before moving to the self-isolation location, the passenger must commit in writing to undergo another PCR test for COVID-19 on the 9th day of self-isolation.

d. As the Republic of Moldova is considered a red zone, passengers leaving for Israel will enter in isolation and thus must complete the Isolation form. Passengers departing from Israel to Moldova are also required to complete the online form.

Important: Depending on the information provided by the passenger, upon completion of the online form, the passenger will be informed if he is allowed to travel. At the time of registration for the flight, the passenger must present a hard copy of the positive response from the Israeli authorities received after completing the above form. We remind you that at the moment only citizens of the state of Israel, or those who have a residence visa of the state of Israel can travel to Tel Aviv.

Foreign nationals may enter Israel only with special authorization issued by the Israeli Migration Authorities.