Passenger’s behavior policy

Security of passengers, of the crew and of the aircraft, alongside with high quality services are the strategic objectives and the constant concern of Air Moldova. This policy is developed based on international civil aviation organizations guidelines and contributes to achievement of these objectives.

In case the present Policy provisions aren’t observed during preflight handling and on board of an aircraft, the air company’s management shall follow the bellow mentioned rules:

  • shall not let without effect any passenger’s misbehavior (appliance of Zero Tolerance Policy);
  • shall grant the ground handling and flight personnel the rights and power to prevent the passengers’ misbehavior;
  • shall assist law enforcement the responsibility of bringing the offender and appropriate sanctions;

The passengers have the right to:

  • ask for all available services for the flight concerned at the time the flight is being performed;

The passengers are required to:

  • unconditionally execute the orders of cabin crew;
  • strictly comply with the aviation security measures, discipline and order;

The passengers are not allowed:

  • to generate situations menacing the flight safety, passengers and crew safety, to insult them verbally or to attack physically the passengers or the flight crew;
  • to make use of any alcoholic drinks, except ones served on board;
  • to make use of the survival equipment without the appropriate crew indication;
  • to make use of any electrical appliances or communication devices during the aircraft taxiing, take-off or landing;
  • to destroy any of air company’s goods and take-away them from the aircraft;
  • to smoke on board of the aircraft;

Passenger’s behavior policy

In case the above mentioned rules are violated, the national and international airspace legislation as well as Passenger behavior policy of Air Moldova provides the possibility to use the sanctions as follows:

  • to discontinue serving any alcoholic drinks to the passengers being under the influence of alcohol, to seize during the flight any alcoholic drinks belonging to them;
  • to disembark the passenger-violator from the aircraft board at the next landing point, and in case of an unplanned landing, the passenger will have to recover any additional charges suffered by Air Moldova as a result of the disruptive behavior;
  • to pass such a passenger to law enforcement authorities regardless the landing country;
  • compensation of the material damages caused to the air company as a result of goods deterioration of the air company by the passenger;
  • to deprive the passenger of the right to use the company's services and termination of the transport agreement without compensation for the cost;

The air company Air Moldova reserves the right to deny transportation to any passenger who doesn’t correspond or whose documents don’t satisfy the laws, regulations, orders, requirements or conditions in force.

We remind that shall apply the laws on the territory of which is the aircraft. For the inflight air crafts, shall apply the laws of the country of registration of the aircraft.