Regulation on the content and terms of settlement of passenger claims


1.1 This regulation lays down the procedure for settling the claims addressed to the state-owned airline AIRMOLDOVA.

1.2 This regulation has beendrafted in accordance with the provisions of:

  • Law on Petitioning no. 190 of 19.07.1994;
  • Government Decision no. 836 of 08.11.2012;
  • Montreal Convention of 27.05.1999.

1.3 Definitions:

  • Airline – the state-owned airline AIRMOLDOVA;
  • Passenger – any person who is carried or is to be carried on the basis of an air transport document, except members of the crew;
  • Petitioner – a person who addresses an authority with a petition, who requests, claims, etc. something through a petition;
  • Claim – any application, petition, proposal, notice addressed to competent bodies, including the preliminary application contesting an administrative act or failure to settle an application within the period prescribed by law.

1.4 The airline views the settlement of claims as a tool for communication with customers, intended to strengthen long-lasting relationships between the parties concerned. Thus, the airline undertakes to settle all claims and notices addressed to it at the time of their occurrence.

1.5 The person responsible for examining the claims of petitioners is the Chairman of the Claims Commission.

1.6 The person responsible for the airline’s centralized recording of claims/notices/complaints and for replying to them is the Manager of the Claims Service, Sales Department.



2.1 Petitioners may file a claim in the form of:

  • an application to the airline’s Director General, sent via post office to no. 80/2 Dacia Boulevard, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2026; or on the official website of the airline;
  • application to the Director General, submitted directly at the office, which shall be registered properly and under the prescribed procedure into the Register of incoming documents;
  • All claims shall be drawn up in Romanian, Russian or English.

2.2 Claims regarding the petitioners’ requests in connection with delay of flight, cancellation of flight or denied boarding shall be filedwithin 14 days from the occurrence of the injurious legal fact;

2.3 Claims concerning the petitioners’ requests in connection with the damage of luggage shall be filed within 7 days from the occurrence of the injurious legal fact, and in the event of loss of luggage – 21 days after the occurrence of the injurious legal fact;

2.4 If no claim is made within the time limit referred to in paragraphs 2.2 and 2.3, no action shall be taken against the airline;

2.5 The airline shall be entitled not to consider in substance the claims that contain obscene or offensive language, threats to the security of the airlineand to the life and health of the airline’s authorized persons. The airline may send such applications to competent law enforcement authorities;

2.6 The term of consideration of a petitioner’s claim and delivery of response is 42 days;

2.7 In the event a claim is not accepted for consideration, the passenger shall be informed in writing of this fact, with the indication of the reason pursuant to which it cannot be considered;

2.8 In the event a petitioner chooses to resort to legal assistance right from the stage of submission of the claim, the lawyer’s fees shall remain the exclusive responsibility of the passenger.