Pet Transportation

Air Moldova accepts for transportation only dogs and cats and only with prior agreement of the air company. Pets are carried in special cages only in the aircraft cabin.

Air Moldova doesn’t accept for transportation big animals in the aircraft cabin.

Pet Transportation

Pets are not accepted for transportation on Air Moldova flights to/ from Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal and United Arab Emirates  due to restrictive local legislation and conditions.

The passenger shall declare to the ticket sales agent his/her intention to transport pets when buying the ticket. The animal weight and weight of the cage and of their meal are not included in the standard free of charge baggage transportation. It is applied a fee of 40 euro for transportation of the pets. Allowed weight of the cage shall not exceed 8 kg, and the total size shall be of 115 cm (25 x 40 x 50).

Acceptance for transportation of pets is done only with the condition that the passenger assumes full responsibility for them signing a special declaration at departure. The air company shall not be liable for injury, loss, or death of the transported pet, as well as non-acceptance to transport to the destination point or through the transit point to the destination point.

If the passenger intends to transport the above mentioned pets:

1. He/she shall provide the following documents and comply with the following condition:

  • Pet passport
  • Health certificate
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Export / import / transit permit
  • Animal shall have an electronic identification system (transponder) or a visible tattoo.

Passengers, traveling with their pets to EU countries from a non-UE country, shall fulfill the EU requirements for pets transportation in accordance with Regulation EC Nr.998/2003, which includes:

  • Identification: The animal shall be identified by an electronic identification system (transponder) and the identification shall be performed before the anti-rabies vaccination. It shall also be accompanied by a veterinary certificate issued by an official veterinarian authorized by the competent authority of the country (or by a EU type passport in the case of a re-entry of the pet in EU) which will certify the anti-rabies vaccination or revaccination in compliance with this regulation.
  • Rabies Vaccination: The pet animal must have undergone anti-rabies vaccination and it also must have undergone a blood test to determine the antibody titration confirming the efficiency of anti-rabies vaccination. This test can be carried out at least 30 days after vaccination and 3 months before the journey, in one of the authorized EU laboratory. Details of EU authorized laboratories can be found:
    Note: The three months period shall not apply for the re-entry of a pet animal in EU, whose passport certifies that vaccination and titration was carried, before the animal left the territory of EU.
  • Pets that have not undergone the anti-rabies vaccination and a rabies titer blood test and which are smaller than 7 months old will not be accepted for transportation.

For additional information concerning Non-Commercial Movement of pets to EU countries can be found:

2. Shall take into account the following conditions:

The animal:

  • shall be clean, healthy, harmless;
  • shall not be pregnant;
  • shall not annoy passengers;
  • shall be booked at least with 24 hours before the flight departure with a special code PETC, its weight and size;
  • shall have a suitable cage, i.e. the animal can stay in a natural position, turn around and lie down (except guide dogs);
  • shall be transported in the cabin only and never in the hold.

The cage:

  • shall not be placed on the seat;
  • the maximum weight of the pet, including the cage shall not be more than 8 kg;
  • the maximum sum of dimensions shall not be more than 115 cm (25 x 40 x 50);
  • shall be procured by the passenger;
  • shall be well ventilated, securely fastened and made of a strong material that is leak-proof and cannot be easily destroyed by the animal inside it. Cardboard cat boxes are NOT suitable for air transport.
  • it is important for the passenger to purchase the right sized cage for the animal, according to the following indications:

Guide animals are: service animals that accompany a passenger with reduced mobility, especially persons with hearing impairment. Passengers travelling accompanied by guide dogs shall notify us thereon upon booking. Passengers travelling accompanied by guide dogs are accepted on the board free of charge taking into account the following conditions:

  • Their weight and seize can be restricted depending on the type of the aircraft;
  • The passenger shall hold a certificate that proves the status "guide animal";
  • They are not allowed to move around the aircraft;
  • They do not occupy a seat;
  • They are not carried in cages;
  • They shall be muzzled and have a lead;

In case you intend to transport pets, it is recommended to contact Chisinau Airport veterinary service before the flight: + 373 22 52-54-89